In every war America has fought, there were men of color carrying its banner.  Ignoring the scorn of their own countrymen, these emboldened soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines distinguished themselves around the world, as well as at home.  Their legacy and actions foreshadowed the burgeoning civil rights movement, stirring the desire to not only expect, but demand the basic freedoms allotted to other Americans.

All men and women who serve their country deserve praise.  Race, nationality and ethnicity does not matter.  Until recent history, the contributions of blacks in the military has largely gone unnoticed.  Sometimes, achievements by members of this group were actively hidden from sight, but more often, the people involved did not want the attention.  The men and women shied away from glory and honors for the satisfaction that accompanies service.

Black is dedicated to shedding light on the many ways blacks have contributed to keeping America free.