Episode 14 – History of 960th Quartermaster Service Company

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Episode 13 provides a brief history of the 960th Quartermaster Service Company.  The unit was formed in World War II and served in Scotland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, before the end of the war.

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Episode 12- 477th Bombardment Group

Many people know about the famed Tuskegee Airmen who were fighter pilots, but few knew of the first black bombardment group.  For episode 12 I describe the history of the 477th Bombardment Group.  The 477th was the first and last bomber group.  Listen to this episode to discover how race and politics kept this group out of the war.

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Episode 8 – Jackie Robinson Court Martial

Lt Jackie Robinson at Fort Riley, Kansas

Lt Jackie Robinson at Fort Riley, Kansas

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Eleven years before Rosa Parks made her stand on a Montgomery bus, Lt Jackie Robinson refused to give up his seat on a bus in Texas.  Robinson’s pointed response to racism challenged the status quo and forced the U.S. Army to address this contentious issue.  In Episode 8 I explore the court martial of Jackie Robinson.


Episode 7 – 761st Tank Battalion (Patton’s Panthers) Pt. 1

761st Tank Battalion patch

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During World War II, the 761st Tank Battalion tore through Europe in pursuit of the German Army.  The unit was distinguished and praised by leaders like Gen George Patton and General Leslie McNair.  In 1978 the 761st received a Presidential Unit Citation Award and one member, SSgt Ruben Rivers, received the Congressional Medal of Honor (posthumously).