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Episode 17: 369th Infantry Overview
Episode 16: Spc Shoshana Johnson
Episode 15: 1st Rhode Island Regiment
Episode 14: 960th Quartermaster Service Company
Episode 13: General Daniel “Chappie” James
Episode 12: 477th Bombardment Group
Episode 11c: Interview with MSgt Jerome Baysmore – Part 3
Episode 11b: Interview with MSgt Jerome Baysmore – Part 2
Episode 11a: Interview with MSgt Jerome Baysmore – Part 1
Episode 10: 761st Tank Battalion Pt. 3 (final)
Episode 9: 761st Tank Battalion Pt. 2
Episode 8: Court Martial of Jackie Robinson
Episode 7: 761st Tank Battalion Pt.1
Episode 6.5: SFC Alwyn Cashe
Episode 6: William Henry Singleton
Episode 5: Cathay Williams
Episode 4: Sergeant Henry L. Johnson
Episode 3: Lt John R. Fox (right click and save)
Episode 2: All Black Rangers Part II (right click and save)
Episode 1: All Black Rangers Part I (right click and save)



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